How to Access Termux Files from Android

If you’re an Android user who loves tinkering with the command line, then you might have come across Termux—a powerful terminal emulator for Android devices. With Termux, you can execute Linux commands right from your smartphone or tablet. However, one common challenge users face is accessing files within the Termux environment.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the straightforward steps to access Termux files from your Android device effortlessly.

Launch Termux and Grant Permissions

After installation, open the Termux app. Upon the first launch, you may need to grant some permissions, such as storage access, for the app to work correctly. Make sure to approve these permissions to proceed.

Navigate to the Desired Directory

In Termux, you’ll start in your home directory by default. If you need to access files from a specific folder, use the “cd” command followed by the path to the desired directory. For example, to navigate to the “Downloads” folder, type:

cd storage/downloads

List Files and Directories

To see the contents of the current directory, use the “ls” command:


This will display a list of files and directories within the current location.

Read, Edit, or Execute Files

Now that you are in the desired directory, you can read, edit, or execute files using familiar Linux commands. For example, to view the content of a text file, use the “cat” command:

cat filename.txt

To edit a file, you can use the “nano” text editor:

nano filename.txt

Transfer Files to and from Termux

If you need to transfer files between your Android device and Termux, you can use various methods. One simple approach is to use the “curl” command to download files from the internet:

curl -o filename.txt

To upload files to a website, you can use the “curl” command as well:

curl -T filename.txt

Exit Termux

Once you’re done with your tasks in Termux, you can exit the app by typing:


This will close the Termux terminal and return you to your Android device’s home screen.


With Termux, accessing files on your Android device through the command line is a breeze. Follow the simple steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be navigating and managing files within Termux like a pro. Enjoy the power of Linux commands right at your fingertips with Termux and unleash your Android’s full potential! Happy hacking!

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